Eyes of the Beholder

In this series of compelling and innovative workshops, Karen Roeper and Jane Flint combine the tools of Essential Motion — individual and group movement, self-reflection and sharing — with direct video feedback. In a gentle and supportive environment, she eases us into the experience of seeing ourselves. When we bridge the gap between how we see ourselves in private and how we present ourselves to the world, we free ourselves to live from a source of authenticity and uniqueness.

As with all Karen Roeper’s work, learning to contact the body’s wisdom is the key. In Eyes of the Beholder, Karen focuses on increasing our self-awareness, seeing ourselves clearly, and accepting ourselves with loving kindness. When self-perception flows through our hearts, bypassing the critical and judgmental voices of our minds, we discover a new way of being in the world. We bring our real purpose for being into our everyday lives.

In the series of three workshops … Self, Others, and Community … we explore core beliefs about how we see ourselves: alone, in relationship, and in community. As our work progresses, we unfold and expand the possibilities for loving and relating to ourselves and others. We discover that seeing ourselves clearly and kindly is the most important element in relating effectively to the world.

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