Essential Motion Leadership Training in Embodied Awareness

The Leadership Training offers an approach to leading and guiding people toward powerful, personal transformation. Leadership and communication skills are the focus throughout, and the ability to create a safe container in which people can return to a sense of ease, freedom, and power within themselves. The skills acquired in this training are also applicable to other leadership and coaching situations.

Training in Essential Motion is available for those who would like to teach Essential Motion or who wish to incorporate the work into their own movement, coaching, or bodywork practices. The training includes:

  • Discovering processes designed for use with individuals, small, and large groups.
  • Using embodied awareness and movement to awaken and listen to specific parts of the body.
  • Creating and holding a safe container for sharing experiences.
  • Using movement in one-on-one sessions to deepen contact with the body.
Leadership Certification

Certified Essential Motion Leaders are qualified to lead private one to one sessions and group sessions.

Leadership Training includes:

  •  Foundation Program
  • Practicum, Coaching, and Supervision Work

For information on Essential Motion Leadership Training:
Call: Karen Roeper at  415 383-7159