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Karen Roeper

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Essential Motion

Eyes of the Beholder

Rosen Method Bodywork

Karen Picture Movement - the forgotten language of the soul

  • What do you notice in your body right now?
  • Would you like to discover your own way of being in your body – one that expresses your true self?
  • Can you imagine moving through your daily life with a presence and power that flows from your body's own natural connection to the world?
"When we see ourselves more kindly and clearly we can move more powerfully in the world. I believe in the transformative ability of each person and facilitate this transformation through movement." -- Karen Roeper

Karen Roeper founded Essential Motion in 1990 and has been a Rosen Method Bodywork Senior Teacher for over 30 years. She holds a Masters in Counseling and Dance Therapy.

She maintains a private practice in bodywork and movement, supervises Rosen Method interns, and conducts Essential Motion Leadership Trainings in the United States, Sweden and Finland.



Essential Motion

Using movement and dance, music and words, reflection and sharing, Essential Motion returns us to the natural wisdom of our bodies.

Eyes of the Beholder

Using a combination of improvisational movement and video feedback, Eyes of the Beholder moves us from judgment to curiosity, from self-consciousness to self-awareness, from inhibition to self-expression.

Rosen Method Bodywork

Using gentle yet direct touch and verbal support, Rosen Method Bodywork promotes healing, insight, and personal growth through the release of chronic muscle tension.

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