Small Group Series

The small group series is designed to develop continuity of skills while practicing applying the techniques and tools in a group/social setting.

Our Small Group Series offer an environment of kindness for discovering a deeper sense of ease within yourself. In this fertile group process, you hone the skills of listening to your body as your trustworthy guide in your relationship with yourself and others. This is an opportunity to be introduced to Essential Motion or expand your experience with it.

A small group may consist of an intact group or may be created randomly as a function of open enrollment. Group size is kept at 3-6 individuals to allow time both for the individual as well as group practices and inquiry.

A very powerful aspect of Essential Motion work/play is witnessing and mirroring. This often touching, insight-producing, and synergistic process is only possible in a group setting. We invite you to discover yourself anew in relationships with others in your life.

SPRING SMALL GROUP SERIES: (new dates coming soon)
Virtual via Zoom – 4 x 1.5-hour sessions
If you have a group of 4-5 people who would like to start a Small Group, please contact us below!

If you have any questions or if you are interested in joining, please contact us:

Mirroring or witnessing are very powerful and touching aspects of the work.

What our students have said:

“I would like to share this writing I came across, as it reflects so much of what Essential Motion creates and supports…

‘We must be liberated from ourselves, which is done by somehow becoming the other….a state of visceral, emotional, intimate communion; a tender recognition of oneness…a communion in each other, as each other, through each other, beyond each other in this endless interconnectedness of life itself, of love.'”

Kath Shaw, Essential Motion Virtual Leadership Participant