For anyone who has ever considered adding the skills of Essential Motion to their somatic practices, our workshops are a very special opportunity. People are also welcome to join purely for their own personal growth.

Workshops are offered a few times each year. The length may vary from a 3-hour introductory workshop, to an intensive 3-day format. They may have a seasonal orientation, or they may focus on a theme such as cultivating resilience, inner guidance, or presence. Participants have the opportunity to intensively explore their own somatic landscape. They will often develop and hone individualized somatic practices that are tailored to address key issues in their personal/professional lives.

Beyond witnessing each other in movement, video/audio conferencing may allow participants to:
– Witness themselves as one of the group in the same compassionate way they witness others.
– Share Essential Motion work and discoveries with one another from their own spaces.


Befriending Grief Retreat – A Journey of Self-Compassion and Transformation

We will identify losses that you want to honor, ranging from the personal (death of a loved one, pet, relationship, stage of life) to community/global losses (forms of oppression, environmental issues). 

In the midst of life’s hustle, take a deliberate pause to connect with and honor your grief in a space designed for healing and self-discovery. All kinds of losses are welcome.

DATE: March 23rd, 2024 /  10:00 am – 4:30 pm

LOCATION: Muir Beach, CA


Embodied Wisdom: Tap into the innate wisdom of your body as a guide through the grieving process. Explore how movement and mindfulness can be powerful tools for self-awareness and healing.

Words and Movement: Express yourself through the language of both, movement and spoken word. Through guided explorations, discover the transformative power of articulating your grief in diverse ways.

Witnessing and Community: Share your journey in a supportive environment where you can be seen and heard. Connect with others who are navigating their own paths of grief, fostering a sense of shared understanding and community.

Nature Connection: Immerse yourself in the healing embrace of nature. The retreat includes moments of reflection and contemplation outdoors, allowing the natural world to become a gentle companion on your journey of self-discovery.


Honoring Your Losses: Dedicate this day to honoring and acknowledging the losses that have shaped your life. Give yourself the gift of time and space to grieve, reflect, and integrate these experiences.

Transformational Potential: Discover how embracing grief can be a transformative doorway to both sorrow and joy. Explore the profound connection between acknowledging your losses and unlocking the potential for growth and renewal.

Self-Compassion: Learn to befriend the complex emotions that arise, fostering a deeper understanding of yourself and your unique journey. Leave with a compassionate relationship to your grief and with personal practices that you would like to cultivate for yourself moving forward.


This workshop is open to anyone seeking a supportive space for exploring and befriending their grief. Whether you are currently experiencing loss or looking to deepen your understanding of the grieving process, this day is designed for individuals at various stages of their healing journey.


Karen Roeper (Founder of Essential Motion) and Felicia Tripp (Founder of Dancing with Grief and certified EM leader)

Please contact Felicia ( if you have any questions about the retreat.


The registration fee is a sliding scale of $250-$125. To register, please email and we will send you a payment link.

Join us on this transformative day, as we navigate the terrain of grief with compassion, authenticity, and a shared commitment to healing. Embrace the opportunity to be witnessed, to move, and to connect with the wisdom that resides within you.

Track the subtle ways that eternity tries to visit you. Instead of being busy, find more openings to timelessness.
– Michael Meade

What our Students are Saying:

“I want to tell you that being part of the Essential Motion group has impacted my life. The work in the last six months around demanding my space, feeling and filling my space has jump started growth spurts in me, I thank you for the practices. I feel more spacious at work and at home even though the demands have not changed much. I take less trips to the land of overwhelm and can come home to my sweet body easier.”

Kate, Physical Therapist