EM International

EM International

For more than two decades, EM practitioners in Sweden and Finland have been integral parts of the Essential Motion community.

Karen has conducted many workshops and Certification Trainings in Göteborg and Stjärnsund, Sweden and appeared as keynote speaker at the Home in the Body seminar in Tampere, Finland. Karen has worked with current Finnish practitioners to develop several EM Leadership Trainings in Finland over the past decade.

Twenty-eight years of an EM Swedish Partnership

October 2018 marked a gathering of fifteen Swedish Essential Motion leaders. All four Swedish EM training groups were represented. At this traditional EM weekend in Stjarnsund, we celebrated Karen’s 70th birthday by sharing stories about how the work has influenced our lives and our relationships to our bodies. The enduring depth of connection that has grown out of the EM process was touchingly apparent at these gatherings.

A Street in Finland

Home in the Body in Finland

Imagine 80 people all moving with freedom and joy in a huge gymnasium to the gentle guidance of Karen Roeper’s intuitive coaching for two hours. Somehow the language barriers didn’t intrude, inhibitions were soon laid aside, and by the end connections had been made between people of all stripes, and the awesome two-day Home in the Body Symposium had been launched, featuring Karen Roeper as keynote presenter.

Developed and hosted by a team of Finnish Essential Motion leaders spearheaded by Riitta Saarikko, Home in the Body drew attendees from Europe and the US and brought together presenters from a wide variety of somatic, health and teaching fields. Topics and workshops varied from “How a hyper-sensitive person gains from body awareness” to “Body awareness as a tool for physiotherapy.” Stay tuned for new Essential Motion somatic leadership trainings in Europe, inspired by the work of our Finnish and Swedish Essential Motion partners.


Sweden: https://www.essential-motion.se/
Finland: https://www.essential-motion.fi/

Our big hope is to bring our international EM partners to the US for a Summer Intensive/Festival. Stay tuned!